Community Advisory Group

In 2002, PHS formed a Community Advisory Group (CAG). The mission of the CAG is to make recommendations about PHS’ HIV-related contract administration and monitoring services to support its continuing quality improvement. The CAG consists of Ryan White PART A and HIV prevention contractors, a consumer of the services provided by those contractors, representatives of the Ryan White Planning Council, Prevention Planning Group, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (NYCDOHMH) and PHS staff.

There are 16 seats on the CAG: 12 are individuals representing Ryan White and/or HIV prevention contract agencies, and one consumer of these agencies. There are four standing members: the Vice President for Contracting and Management Services; Manager of Operations and Special Projects; a representative from NYCDOHMH, and a representative of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. CAG members serve a term of two years.

The agency and consumer representatives are selected by a committee consisting of senior representatives of PHS. The Selection Committee aims to maintain a membership that is representative of the contracting community, including representation of the major types of PHS contract agencies, and the expertise of individual applicants related to governmental contract administration and management functions.
Since its inception, the CAG has had several major accomplishments:

  • improvements to Public Health Solutions’ streamlined contract renewal and reporting process,
  • development of Grievance Policies and Procedures for contractors and consumers,
  • provision of valuable recommendations regarding PHS’ web site,
  • developing the “Contractor Newsflash - a periodic contractor communication
  • vetting and piloting the PHS customer satisfaction survey,
  • initiating the concept of peer-led contractor networking forums and assuming leadership roles in them,
  • helping PHS operationalize communications regarding performance-based reimbursement